The 8 Best Male Masturbators

best male masturbator

The 8 Best Male Masturbators.


I think we all know the feeling of getting a bit bored with jerking of manually.
I mean, we’ve had the same two hands do the dirty work for years now!


Since male sex toys are becoming an increasingly bigger market,
I decided to do some testing and research to find you
the best male masturbators out there! There’s something for everyone in this list.

So without further ado, here are the top 8 best male masturbators.

1. The Fleshlight

Best Male Masturbator

Check the price!

Some of you may already know this one:

If you haven’t heard of the Fleshlight, then you are in for a treat!

The Fleshlight is a male masturbator designed to look like either
a vagina, butt, or mouth. It’s made out of Fleshlights patented “Superskin”
Which is made to simulate the feeling of real skin. It feels amazing…Like damn

The Fleshlight is stored in a cylinder-like hardened plastic case,
designed to look like a flashlight. I mean, if someone were to find it,
you would probably be busted pretty quickly if they opened it up.
But as far as discretion goes, this is probably one of the most discreet toys on the market!

Here’s the really cool thing:

The Fleshlight comes in a huge variety of textures!

Just to give some examples:

  • Fleshlights that simulate blowjobs, anal, and vaginal sex
  • Pornstar Fleshlights
  • Alien Fleshlights
  • See-through Fleshlights
  • A sleek and compact travel sized Fleshlight
  • Even a very intense Fleshlight made to increase your stamina! (You cum in no time…I swear)

They have it all. And they are quick, easy, and convenient to use.

All Fleshlights have an adjustable suction mechanism.
Turn on the end cap of the Fleshlight, and adjust for how much suction
you want to have. You can more or less tailor a perfect orgasm with this feature.

If you want to read a few of my reviews on the different types of Fleshlights,
you can click here.

If you want to check out the variety of Fleshlights you can do so right here

2. The Tenga Flip Hole

best male masturbator

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This toy almost took the #1 spot:

The Tenga Flip Hole is a masturbation sleeve, stored in a hard case plastic case.
Basically, it’s like a fleshlight with a few extra features.

The difference with this toy is that it isn’t trying to feel like a real vagina.
The Tenga Flip Hole is just designed to give you as much pleasure as possible.
And it succeeds in that regard! sex toys don’t need to be realistic to feel great.

Here’s the amazing part:best male masturbator

There are 3 buttons on the toy.
Press them down to add pressure on that specific spot.
You can tailor the stimulation to your liking and build up
one of the most amazing orgasms you have ever had.

The Tenga Flip Hole comes in 5 different varieties

They all have a different texture.
(I really like the white model)

Included with the purchase you get 3 lube samples.
Mild, real, and wild. Try each of them to see what you want
to use further on. The right lube can make a world of difference!

If you want to check out and compare the different Tenga Flip Hole models
you can just click here.

3. Tenga Egg Masturbator

Best male masturbator

Check the price!

Simple, cheap, and thrilling:

Those are the 3 words I would use to describe the Tenga Egg.

But what is it?

The Tenga Egg is a stretchy, textured, masturbation device.
And it’s shaped like an egg!

Basically, you unwrap the egg, and inside there’s a soft sleeve
with a lube sample inside of it. Pull the sample out, lube it up, and get started!

The cool thing about the Tenga egg is that it comes in a variety
of different textures. And at their current price point, you can
actually afford to try them all without breaking the bank.

There are a lot of different varieties/textures!
With more being added now and then.

Just to give you an example:

For those of us with a strict budget who still want
to have a little extra fun, this is a perfect option!

In my opinion, the “Wavy” is the best Tenga egg.
But I recommend you get a few and find your favorite!

You can check out the different varieties here.

4. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

Best male masturbator

Check the price!

For those of you thinking:

“Yeah, but those are all manual…I want power, baby!”

Does 2 separate motors sound good? Well then the “Cobra Libre II”
may be your future favorite male masturbator!

Let me explain:

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II is a vibrating male masturbator.
It feature 2 super quiet motors that deliver vibrating stimulation
to the head of your penis.

The outside of this toy is made of plastic, and the opening of this
toy is made of very soft silicone. Along the “back” of the toy ,best male masturbators
you’ll find 3 buttons.

  • Fun Button
  • Plus Button
  • Minus Button

The fun button starts the toy,
and the plus and minus buttons will take you
through the many speed settings and vibration patterns.

This male masturbator has an insertable length of 3.5 inches,
because it mainly focuses on stimulating the head of your penis.
So no matter what size you are, you can enjoy this toy.

This toy does all the work for you, you can just sit back and enjoy the
different vibration patterns this toy has. It feels absolutely amazing.

It’s waterproof! Not only do you get to enjoy a wide range of
speed options and vibration patterns, you can take this in
the bath with you, and just let it work it’s magic while you relax

This is one of my favorite toys to just sit back and relax with!
It’s like a blowjob where you get to call all the shots, it’s fantastic!
Just sit back and enjoy the ride. This toy is one of my favorites.

Check it out here!

5. Tenga Double Hole Onacup

Best male masturbators

Check the price!

Not sure if sex toys are for you?

Well then:

If you’re in doubt about spending a lot of money on a toy,
you can try getting your feet wet with the Tenga Double Hole Onacup first.

The Tenga Double Hole Onacup is a male masturbator with
2 openings, one in each end. One end simulates anal sex,
and the other simulates vaginal sex.

2 different ends to penetrate means 2 unique sensations
in one nice compact toy.


This toy arrives pre-lubricated, and it is meant to be a single use toy.
You can, however, extend it’s lifetime by using a condom or a little extra lube.
rinse it with water after, and it’ll last for way more than one use.

The toy has an internal length of 5.5 inches, but the 2 differentbest male masturbators
canals don’t overlap, so you can enjoy
them separately without a problem.

This is a great bang for your buck!
At its current price point, it is great for people
who want to try out male masturbators.

If you like this, I would highly
recommend getting a Fleshlight.

They have a huge selection of toys!

check out the Tenga Double Hole Onacup right here

6. Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly

Best male masturbators




Check the price!

Oh boy:

Have you ever wanted a big realistic toy?

Well, this is it.

The “Fuck Me Silly” is a male masturbator that weighs in
at a staggering 15 pounds! It wows you with its realistic exterior,
and also with its realistic vaginal and anal entries.

This toy is the best male masturbator for doggystyle.
The toy has a flat base, so it can be put on any surface.
Just lube it up and hit it from behind!

This toy is as sturdy as they come! Fuck it, spank it, do
whatever you want to it! This toy can handle it.

It is made from Pipedreams “Fanta Flesh”
So it literally feels like fucking, and spanking a
real ass!


“If it’s that great, why is it so far down the list?”


with its size, it isn’t too convenient to have lying around.
On top of that, you get what you pay for. This toy is obviously
going to cost you a bit more than your average male masturbator.

Furthermore, cleaning isn’t as easy with this toy
as it would be with a Fleshlight. But it’s worth it!

I can honestly say that even with all the minor
annoyances that come with owning this large of a toy,
I don’t regret my purchase!

There are several versions of this toy, including full bodies, And they are all
some of the best male masturbators you’ll ever own!
you can check them out right here!

7.Vibrating Wand + Male Masturbator Wand Attachment


Best male masturbators

Check the price!


Ever wanted a toy with multiple uses, and an easy clean up?
Well, you’re in luck!

The male masturbator wand extension by Lovehoney.
Lube it up, feel the stimulating ribs and nubs of the sleeve,
and let the vibrations from the wand blow you away.Best male masturbators

It fits any wand with a 7 inch head.

Here’s the cool part:

Since it’s an extension to a vibrating wand,
you can share it with your partner if you wish to!
If you do not have a vibrating wand yet, it can be
found right here.

The thing that I loved the most about this extension
(besides the amazing orgasm) 
was how easy it was to clean!
Literally just some sex toy cleaner, 
a rinse with some water,
and then leaving it to air dry. So easy!

10/10 for the price and amount of use you can get out of this toy.
There are also other extensions, so you can turn it into an anal
vibrator, a G-spot vibrator, a clitoral vibrator! Anything can be done!

You can check out both the wand selection and extension right here.

Wands + Extension

8. Tenga 3D Masturbator

Best male masturbators

Check the price!

More Tenga!

I couldn’t just not include this, it’s a work of art!
and it happens to be a damn good male masturbator too.

The Tenga 3D Masturbator products are uniquely designed
sleeves, which can be turned inside out for different textures
and stimulation patterns.

This is so cool:

Not only can you use the smooth side, but
you can have a go at the amazing different textures
that Tenga has blessed us with!

It looks like a cross between modern art and a Fleshlight.
The only “case” for this toy is the one it comes in, so it’s
not as big and bulky as a Fleshlight.

The great thing about the packaging for this toy is that
it doubles as a “stand” for the toy. So when you have
given your toy a good clean, just put it back on there
to air dry!

Currently, these are the ones available.

  • Zen
  • Spiral
  • Polygon
  • Module
  • Pile

I’m personally a big fan of the “Zen” and the “Spiral“.

If you want to check them out, just click right here!

Wrap up!

That was my list of the best male masturbators!
I hope you found something useful. You can always have a look
around the site to find more reviews and guides to sex toys.

All the toys I mentioned are linked below.

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