Alien Fleshlight Review – The Out Of This World Male Masturbator!

Alien Fleshlight Review

alien fleshlight review

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I can’t be the only one that watched avatar and thoughtalien fleshlight review

“Boy, would I love to fuck that blue chick.”

Thankfully, it’s the 21st century, and this is now a possibility!

Fleshlight has gone ahead and made a blue Fleshlight, With an exciting vagina like Orifice.
I went ahead and ordered one, and today I’ll review it for you.
So without further ado, this is my Alien Fleshlight Review.

Contains Latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Canal diameter: 0.5
Internal Length: 9 inches
Opening: Vagina
Discrete Delivery: Yes
- Fleshlight Alien Sleeve
- Fleshlight Alien Case
- Fleshlube Sample

Does It Really Look The Part?Alien fleshlight review

Here’s the deal:
I’ll give them this, it looks exactly like I imagined an alien pussy would look like.
The fantasy fulfillment you’ll get out of this makes it worth your money.

The design is nice, fun and inoffensive.
Thankfully they didn’t go too overboard with the Alien theme. It just looks nice.

But let’s not forget the importance of how it feels!

Does the Fleshlight Alien Feel Like…An Alien?


As always, Fleshlight’s patented “RealFlesh” is amazing.
I have yet to be disappointed with it, and any other toy has yet to match the feel of this material.Alien fleshlight review

Inside the sleeve you can see the 3 parts of the Alien Fleshlight.
The vortex, lotus, and the STU. All combined into a fuckable alien pussy.

Ironically, this actually feels pretty close to a vagina (a human vagina that is).

When you penetrate you get that vortex looseness.
After the vortex, it’s smooth sailing to an amazing orgasm.

the “Lotus” part of this fleshlight is definitely the most pleasurable.
And when you get to the “bumpy” STU part, you’ll feel some slight, but nice, stimulation.

The combination of these 3 sleeve designs is a
dream and an addiction combined in one!

Easy to use!

Lube up, fuck some out of this world pussy, and clean up! That’s it.

The threaded end cap controls the suction, so you can tailor the stimulation to your liking.

The clean up with this is actually pretty easy, most of the lube/cum get’s trapped in the lotus part of the Fleshlight.
So as long as you just follow the cleaning guide, and focus a little bit extra on that part of the toy,
you should be golden.

What’s The Catch?

Here’s the bottom line:
It will get sticky like the Fleshlight Ice.
Since they’re making the Alien Fleshlight in blue, they can’t put talcum in their “Superskin” Mixture.
Because of that, the toys have a tendency to get sticky.

You can keep the stickyness to a minimum if you take good care of your toy.
Use plenty of lube with it, clean it after every use, and give it some talcum.
If you follow these steps, you should be fine.

It should be noted that the talcum can cause some slight discoloration to your toy.
But that is not a huge problem with this toy since it’s blue.

The threaded end cap is made of plastic and may wear down over time.
But if you take good care of your toys, this won’t be a problem for many uses.

Final Verdict!

Here it is:
I like it a lot!
It fulfills a lot of fantasies,
and even if the whole alien theme isn’t your thing, it’s still very enjoyable.

It’s not too tight, very inoffensive, and feels great!

Overall, this is an excellent toy for both beginners and people looking for an intense orgasm!
If you’re looking for something more intense I would recommend reading the
Fleshlight STU Review. It may be more up your alley. But beware… You’ll cum in no time with that toy.

That was my Alien Fleshlight Review! If you want to check out the price of this toy, click on the link below!
Until next time!

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