The Best Water Based Lube? Here Are 5 Of Our Favorites!

best water based lube

The Best Water Based Lube


Water based lube is the most common lube you will
find on the shelf. And for good reasons!

Water based lube is the most versatile lube out there.
It can be used for vaginal sex, anal sex, sex toy use,
just about anything you can imagine!

Water based lube is great for several reasons.

  • Easy clean up
  • Very gentle to your skin
  • Natural ingredients
  • All purpose
  • No irritation

There are so many options out there that it makes
it hard to know exactly which brand to buy.

I have included something for everyone on this list.
Normal lube, flavored lube, anal lube, heating lube!
Basically every type of lube you can imagine.

So what is the best water based lube? Let’s take a look!

Sliquid Organic

best water based lube

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Sliquid Organic lube is an all purpose,
100% vegan, lubricant.

This lubricant is more or less perfect.
It is a little thicker than most lubricants,
so it gives some extra cushioning.
(Very nice when doing anal)

And it’s completely organic/vegan!
It’s infused with a variety of natural ingredients.

Such as:

  • Flax
  • Hibiscus
  • Green tea
  • Sunflower seeds
  • And more!

This is the best lube for sensitive skin
that I have found. It doesn’t dry out easily, and it’s organic!

Check it out here!

ID Glide

best water based lube

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This lubricant may not have any special
features or any fancy flavors. It does one job,
and it does it damn well.

The ID Glide is smooth and completely odorless.
It lasts a really long time before drying out,
but if you need to re-apply at some point during sex,
the “Pop-up” top cap makes that very easy.

Smooth texture, completely clear, and odorless.
What more can you ask for?

And if the normal bottle size isn’t enough for you.
They make a 64 oz one!

Check it out here!

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sweet

best flavored lube

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Have you ever tried giving oral while using
some cheap flavored lube from a gas station?
It’s horrible!

But flavored lube doesn’t have to be bad.

Good flavored lube is hard to find,
but the “Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sweet”
has made an outstanding product.

It comes in a nice pink container that looks
like a normal beauty product. No need to hide it!
The lube is dispensed with a pump and delivers
just the right amount every time.

The lube is warming, Which means it “heats”
up your private parts and makes them more

Here’s the best part:

The taste. Oh god, the taste!

I have always been skeptical about
flavored lubricants, they never quite
seem to get the flavor right. But they
hit the nail on the head with this one!

It tastes like cupcakes and sprinkles!
Not artificial, not overpowering, just perfect.

I swear the amount of oral sex happening
at our house went up by 200% after trying this!
This is definitely the best flavored lube I have ever tried.

Check it out here!

System JO H2O

Check the price!

This lube is really thick, which makes it great for anal!
It actually feels like silicone lube. But you can enjoy this
without staining your sheets!

Despite it being a really thick, it cleans
up easily like most water based lubes. And
doesn’t feel all sticky after it dries up!

It also lasts a really long time! Water based lube
will inevitably dry out faster than silicone based lube.
This lasts surprisingly long!

Overall, it’s just a really solid lubricant!
It’s especially great with anal sex/anal toys.

Check it out here!

Tickle Her Pink Clitoral Stimulating Gel

best warming lube

Check the price!

This is a little like the “Crazy Girl” flavored lube.
It doesn’t have any great flavor, but it does have that “heating”
element to enhance pleasure during oral sex.

I have heard some mixed opinions on this lubricant.
Some people absolutely love it. Others, not so much.
Personally, I think it’s great!

When applied to your clit/penis, you do have to
wait 20 seconds to feel the effect. But when it kicks in? Oh man.

It gives a minty/menthol cooling effect. And makes your
private parts extra sensitive. It works well! And even though
it is made for women, it works just as well on men.

It’s just a great product! I do understand why some people
won’t like it. It has a minty smell, which can be a bit off-putting
to some. And the added sensitivity may just not be for everyone.
I love it, though!

Check it out here!

Wrapping it up!


That was my tiny guide on the best water based lube.
I hope you found something on this list that piqued your

As I mentioned, there should be something for everyone
on this list. So go ahead and try a few of them out!

That’s all for this one.
Until next time!

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