Fleshlight Ice Review – Best See-Through Male Masturbator!

Fleshlight Ice Review.

Fleshlight Ice Review

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If you have a little bit of a voyeur/exhibitionist fetish,
you’ve probably wanted a see-through Fleshlight for a while now!

And now it’s here!

The Fleshlight Ice caters to the crowd that wants to watch themselves/others get off.
It’s a great toy for both couples and solo play.

I’ll be going over the all the details of the Fleshlight Ice,
and give you my honest opinion on this spectacular male masturbator.
So without further ado, here’s my Fleshlight Ice Review.




- Fleshlight Ice Vagina Sleeve
- Fleshlight Crystal Case
- Fleshlube Sample

Contains latex: No
Canal diameter: 0.75
Internal Length: 9 inches
Opening: Vagina
Discrete Delivery: Yes
Contains Lates: No
Contains Phthalates: No

How Does The Fleshlight Ice Feel?

Here’s the deal:

The Fleshlight Ice comes in 3 different varieties.

– Vagina
– Butt
– Mouth

However, the interior is the same on all 3 models. So just pick your favorite!
I went with the vagina.


The sleeve is made of Fleshlight’s patented “SuperSkin”,
intended to feel as close to the real thing as possible.

It has so far not disappointed me. It is The Best pocket pussy material on the market.


This toy had way more detail inside, and I’m not always a fan of the fancy sleeves.
but this sleeve was actually very nice! in the picture you can see how it looks inside.

Fleshlight Ice Review

Fleshlight Ice Sleeve


The bumps you feel upon insertion gives you a nice little massage.
and once you reach the connecting tunnels, you’re in heaven.
They’re conveniently placed around where the head of your penis will be when you’re balls deep.


The see-through design also surprised me a bit with how much i liked it!
I wasn’t sold on the idea, did i really want to watch myself jerk off?
I did, apparently. Watching yourself fuck this toy and being able to control exactly where you are in the toy is quite a thrill.

The Fleshlight Ice is great for couples who want to spice up foreplay,
I tried it with my girlfriend,
  and it really turned her on being able to watch.
Way better than the standard handjob.


Like most of their products, it features the suction cap on the end. You screw on the end cap depending on how much suction you want,
making it possible to have full control over your orgasm.

So What’s The Catch?


The end cap threading is made from plastic. And will wear down with use.
However, it won’t be a problem for a long time as long as you take care of your toy.


I noticed that after cleaning it, it became very sticky.
As someone who has tried close to every variety of the Fleshlight, I have never had this problem before.
after doing some research, it turns out that in order to make it clear, the mixture is made without talcum. and therefore is much stickier.


If you want to keep this toy smooth, which you probably do,
clean it properly and use talcum. 
But keep in mind, if you use talcum,
the Fleshlight Ice will discolor and become less see through over time.


In addition:

As I mention in all my other reviews, having to keep your toys clean is somewhat annoying.
You have to wash it after every use, let it dry for up to 24 hours, and powder it every 2-3 uses to keep it nice and smooth.
And that is especially important with the Fleshlight Ice.


Due to how sticky it gets, this toy is a huge lint trap.
Don’t worry though. Just give it a thorough clean after every use,
or It’ll be a bacteria bomb after 2 weeks.


Fleshlight Ice Review

Front Look Of The Fleshlight Ice



The Final Verdict.

In conclusion:

Despite the fact that this toy requires more maintaining and cleaning, I still feel it is well worth it.

This toy is fun to use on your own, and even more fun when a partner uses it on you!
I was extremely satisified with my purchase.


That just about wraps up my Fleshlight Ice review, I hope it helped.
If you want to check out the price of the toy, just click below!

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