Tenga 3D Zen Review – Oh Boy, Where Do I Even Begin?

Tenga 3D Zen Review



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Tenga 3D Zen Review


In a world, filled to the brim with realistic sex toys.
There are few opportunities to jerk off in style.

But it can be done!  With the Tenga 3D Zen


Enough jokes! The Tenga 3D Zen is a male masturbator
made for those who want something sleek and unique.

If bulky and realistic sex toys aren’t your thing. This
may be the best male masturbator for your needs.

So let’s jump into it! Here is my Tenga 3D Zen review!

Does It Feel As Good As It Looks?


This toy looks amazing! Not something I thought I would appreciate
in a sex toy. But in my experience, using a well-designed sex toyTenga 3D Zen adds to the “luxury” of the experience!
But I mean, whatever blows your load right?

Not only does it look great, it feels great!
It can stimulate you in 2 ways. With its textured exterior,
and its smooth inside. 

This discrete male masturbator is a great combination of gentle and intense stimulation,
it won’t make you bust your load in 2 minutes like the Fleshlight STU.
But I wouldn’t last for longer stretches of time with it.

Turn it inside out as you please!
If the smooth side gets a little boring, use the
amazing “Zen” texture to get you to the finish line.

I think “gentle intensity” is the best way to describe it!
Check it out here.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Just like most other male masturbators, lube it up, fuck it, and you’re
pretty much good to go.

Remember to use water-based lube, or your toy willTenga 3D Zen
 be ruined in no time. I have a post one the best water based lube right here.


Some sex toys are somewhat tricky to clean. And while cleaning is more
or less mandatory with every sex toy, they made it pretty easy for you
with the Tenga 3D Zen.

Just clean it with some water and a little bit of soap, and that’s it!
Then just put it up on its stand to dry until you feel like having a
core-shaking orgasm again


There is no excuse!

Generally speaking:

If you’re looking for a good experience with a male masturbator,
you need to invest a bit of money into it. The Tenga 3D Zen is a great
bang for your buck, and at its current price point (Check here) there is
no excuse to not try it out! It can be tempting to go for the cheapest toy out there,
but please don’t!

Cheap toys are cheap for a reason guys, unless it’s
a “single use” toy like the Tenga Egg (Review here) you are
usually getting ripped off with the cheap masturbators. A few extra
dollars can go a long way.

My point being:

Paying for quality will always be better than taking the cheap way out.
Sure! we all like a good deal, and sometimes the price isn’t justified by
the cost, but this is not one of those times.

Final Words

This toy is quickly becoming a favorite in our household!
I love to use it alone, and my girlfriend loves to use it on me.

It’s perfect for a lot of scenarios really. Not as bulky as a fleshlight,
and very easy to clean after.

But everyone has different tastes, we do a lot
of reviews here, and if this doesn’t seem like your thing, I’m sure you’ll find
something that suits your needs.

That’s all for this review guys, untill next time!

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