Tenga Egg Review: Finding The Best Tenga Egg!

Tenga egg review

Tenga Egg Review


There is a load of great male masturbators out there!
But quite a few of them come with a pretty hefty price tag.
So what are your options if you just want to try sex toys out?

The Tenga Egg.

Today I’m doing a Tenga Egg review. I’ll be explaining the different
categories/varieties of eggs, and I’ll be sharing my personal favorites
from the Tenga Egg lineup.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

How Do They Work?

The Tenga Egg is a male masturbator shaped like an egg.
It may sound strange, but this toy is actually pretty amazing!

They’re small, compact, and come in many different varieties.
The low price doesn’t hurt either.

All you have to do is take the wrapping off and pull out the lube sample.
Lube up your egg of choice and you’re good to go!

They’re so easy to clean as well!

The egg shape keeps in all the lube/cum.
So once you’re done, just wash it with water, 
give it some sex toy cleaner, and leave it to dry.

This toy is meant for one single use. But if you’re careful with it,
and clean it, it will last way longer. Certainly for more than one use!

Soft Or Hard Boiled?

Egg puns aside:

The Tenga Eggs are divided up by category.

  • Normal
  • Hard Boiled
  • Specialty

Below I’ll explain the differences between them and share
my personal favorites from each category.

Normal Eggs: Smooth And Amazing


The normal eggs are the ones that are made
to build up a nice orgasm. The stimulation they
provide is nice, but not too intense.

They come in these varieties:

Click them to check them out!

But what is the best Tenga Egg from the normal category?
Here are my personal top 3 recommendations!

1. Wavy Egg

Best tenga eggThe Wavy Egg gives you the kind of stimulation that
won’t make your knees weak but will give you an amazing orgasm.

The wavy inside of the sleeve will give you a great build-up
until you end it with an amazing orgasm

It’s seriously Amazing!Best tenga egg

2. Twister Egg

Best tenga egg

The Twister gives you a little more stimulation than
the other “Normal” eggs.

I would compare this egg to a blowjob.
It doesn’t make you cum in minutes.

But once you get there?
Oh man.Best tenga egg

3. Silky Egg
Best tenga egg

The Silky Egg gives you gentle stimulation,
while still hitting all the right spots

This toy, despite the gentle design,
give some intense pleasure.

Not a huge build-up to orgasm in my experience,
but still a great toy!Best tenga egg

Hard Boiled: Intense Pleasure


The hard boiled eggs are designed to be a bit more intense.
Sometimes you just wanna bust a nut and move on.

And for that purpose, These are perfect.

They come in these varieties:

Click them to check them out!

Finding the best Tenga Egg in this category was a bit more of a challenge.
Just because they’re all pretty damn good!

But after some testing, here are my top 3!

1. Misty Egg

Tenga egg reviewThe Misty Egg sounds nice and smooth right?
Well, apparently it isn’t!

Holy fuck…this thing will make your knees weak.
Intense, but still an amazing build up!

This might just be the best Tenga Egg out of the
entire lineup!

Tenga egg review

2. Thunder Egg

Tenga egg reviewDamn:

The uniquely designed sleeve will make you want
to bust your load after a few minutes!

It stimulated the head of your penis with these
strong vertical ribs on the inside.

They are just…Wow
Tenga egg review

3. Crater Egg

Tenga egg review

The inside of the Crater Egg is exactly how it sounds.
It is filled with crated shaped “nubs” to stimulate every angle.

Great stimulation, and a decent build up.
This almost took the #2 spot! But I’m a sucker for the thunder egg.

Probably the best Tenga Egg for intensity/build-up

Tenga egg review

Specialty Egg: When Normal Just Doesn’t Cut It.


On top of the huge variety of normal eggs, they have made some specialty eggs.
Now there aren’t as many of these, so I won’t do a top 3.

However, I will still do a review on them, just so you know what
you’re buying!

These are the 2 eggs I’m reviewing.

Both are pretty interesting!

1. Lovers Heart Egg

Tenga egg reviewThe Lovers Heart Egg was designed for couples.
The inside is filled with raised heart nubs, designed
for a great foreplay session!

The Egg is see-through, so your partner can see
what’s going on while using it on you!

It’s so hot to start out foreplay with this.
Watching your partner use this on you,
or using it on a partner is amazing!
Tenga egg review

3. Cool Edition

tenga egg reviewThe Cool Edition Egg reminds me of the Fleshlight Ice.

On the inside, it’s identical to the Wavy Egg.
But on top of that, it’s see-through!

The reason it’s called “Cool” is because
the lube you get with it is menthol infused,
to give you some “Fresh cool stimulation”.

If you like see-through toys, this is the best Tenga egg for you!tenga egg review

 Final Verdict.

The results are in! And the winners are….

I promise you will be satisfied if you get any one of those eggs.

But overall:

these are a great bang for your buck!
If you take care of them properly, you get a lot of use
out of something with an incredibly low price tag.

if you like these you can go ahead and splurge on a
Fleshlight. They cost a little more, but they will last longer,
and they have a huge variety of textures.

The Tenga Eggs were included on my “8 Best Male Masturbators” list.
If you give that list a peek, you’ll find similar products in all
price ranges!

I hope you enjoyed this little Tenga Egg review/Guide on finding
the best Tenga Egg for your needs.

Until next time!

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