The Top 5 Best Long Distance Sex Toys

long distance sex toys

The 5 Best Long Distance Sex Toys


A lot of us can relate to being away from our partner.
Not only do we miss them terribly, but we can’t have any physical contact.


That distance gap has been closed by technology!
Long distance sex toys are a thing now,
and I have found the best ones on the market for you.

So without further explanation, let’s jump into it.
These are in my opinion the best long distance sex toys.

1. Lovense: Nora And Max.

long distance sex toys

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The Lovense is a male masturbator/internal vibrator combo package.
Made specifically for long-distance partners.
As far as long distance sex toys go, this one is definitely one of the most interesting ones!

Nora and Max are the names of the Lovense, long distance sex toys.
Max is the male masturbator and Nora is the rabbit vibrator.

Max is a Fleshlight-like toy that can be used solo, or in sync with
the Nora vibrator.

There are 4 ways you can use this toy.
-He controls hers
-She controls his
-In sync with each other (amazing)
-And solo.

Here’s how it works:

The Max is made of a material that mimics real skin.

It also features an air pump to simulate the feeling of a real vagina.
In addition, it has vibration! How cool is that?

When you/your partner penetrates the Max, the head of Nora vibrator starts moving.

The faster he moves, the faster the vibration and movement of the Nora.

And this is what makes it a fantastic product, the way it can be used in sync with it's

Once you/your partner inserts the Nora vibrator, your partner will start
feeling the vaginal contractions that are provided by the air pump,
on top of that, the vibration the toy features will add some amazing stimulation.

And just like with the max, the faster your partner moves the Nora,
the faster and more intense the contractions will be.

How Do You Control It?

You can connect to each via an app or a computer. So the possibilities are endless!

The toys work just fine if you use skype instead of their video chatting software,
so if that’s all you have access to you’ll be fine. You do however need to have
Bluetooth on your device

When you order you get a free Bluetooth dongle,
in case your devices does not have Bluetooth.

You can of course also use both these toys solo.
Open up the app, and you’ll have full control over vibrations and contractions.
These toys can also be synchronized with music!

These two toys are an amazing long distance sex toy combo

2. The We-Vibe.

long distance sex toys

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The We-Vibe is a G-Spot/Clitoral vibrator.long distance sex toys

Here’s what make is it great:

It’s controlled by an app that you and your
partner both install. Once it’s all set up and connected,
you can pass the control of the vibrator back and forth!

In the app you have a secure video/voice chat,
so you can hear your lover’s reaction 
to all
the exciting things you’re doing.

The We-Vibe has several preinstalled modes you can use.
But the most impressive thing about this toy is
how many options there are for manual control.

With the app, you have full control over the
internal/external intensity of the vibrations.

You get to play around with it and build up an amazing orgasm for your partner.


On the screen, you just choose the mode you want to use and the “wave” control screen
will let you change speed and intensity to both the internal, and external part of the toy.

Here’s the kicker:

Once you have found that magical combination that makes your partner
shake with pleasure. You can save it!wevibe long distance sex toys

You can save a “playlist” with the set of modes and intensity used,
So you always have that magic combo at the ready.

It has a wide variety of amazing features.

  • Creating your own modes
  • syncing it up with your music library (Better find something bass heavy)
  • And much more!

3. Clone-A-Willy Vibrator.

long distance sex toys

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Don’t Laugh!

I know it sounds a little strange. but if it’s done right,
you can send your partner a vibrating replica of your own penis!long distance sex toys

Amazing what we can do in the 21st century huh?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Clone-A-Willy.
It’s basically a DIY dildo, modeled after your very own penis!


In the kit, you’ll find the ingredients for body safe silicone,
and a mold for your Penis/Balls.

Just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go!

The cool thing about this particular model
is that it includes a multi-speed vibrating bullet
to put inside the Clone-A-willy before you fill it up with silicone.

This is one of those funny long distance sex toys that your
partner will actually appreciate.

Send this off as a gift, and I guarantee that you’ll have
a great night the next time the two of you are on skype!

4. The Fleshlight

long distance sex toys

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long distance sex toysNow:

This one may seem kind of obvious to some readers.
So these next to are aimed at the readers who are new to sex toys.

The Fleshlight is a male masturbation sleeve designed to look like a real vagina.
It is made of their patented “SuperSkin” which is made to simulate real skin.
Needless to say, it feels awesome.

The fleshlight comes in so many different variations,
that making a list would be impossible!

Click here to have a look at all the different models.
Once you’ve found a few that has piqued your interest,
head on over to my variety of Fleshlight Reviews.

Just follow those two steps, and you’ll have have
one of the best male masturbators arrive at your
door in just a few days!

This is a long distance sex toy that isn’t in sync with your partners
But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t spice up a skype session significantly!

5. Dua G-Spot/Clitoral Vibrator.

long distance sex toys

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This toy works much like the We-Vibe does, except it has an interesting feature!
When you do eventually get to see your partner, this toy is useful as well.
specifically, if you’re into public play. It can of course also be used at home.long distance sex toys

As you can see, it uses the same concept as the We-Vibe with its modes.
The interface looks alike and works just as well. It can of course also save your sessions,
so you can always relive that extra nice session.

Ready to feel like a spy?

You control the close-range play
with a little spy pen!
My inner spy kid is squealing with glee!

It has a range of up to 50 feet, and it feels and looks exactly
like a pen, It’s extremely easy to use.

The one drawback with this toy is that the app only works
with IOS devices. Sorry Android users! You’ll have to make do
with the spy pen (Come on…It’s pretty awesome)

That’s A Wrap!

That was our list of the “Top 5 Best Long Distance Sex Toys”
we hope you found something on there that can make it a little easier being so far apart!

Links to all the toys:

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