We-Vibe Review: Which We-Vibe Is The Best For You?

We-Vibe review

We-Vibe Review.

Do you like sex toys?


Do you like technology?

“Of course!”

Great! Because Today I’m reviewing the We-Vibe.

The We-Vibe is a sex toy that can be controlled by an app.
The app can be used for solo play, or by your partner, no
matter where they are in the world!

I’m going to take a look at, and compare,
the different categories/varieties of the We-Vibe vibrator.

Let’s just jump into it! Here’s my We-Vibe review.

But how does it work?

The We-Vibe is a simply just a vibrator.We-Vibe review
However, the one thing that makes it stand out
is how it can be controlled from an app.

The app includes a secure voice/video chat.
So you can see your partner enjoying what you’re 

You can either use the toy by yourself, or with a partner!
It has loads of vibration modes, and other cool features.
They come in many different variations, so I decided to share
my experience with the We-Vibe.

Something for everyone!

There are 2 main categories of this vibrator.

  • Solo Toys
  • Couples Toys

I will list them all, and share my personal favorites
from both categories.

Solo toys: Pleasure for one, please.

The solo toys come in different varieties.

Some are controlled by the app, some are not.
Despite that, they’re all great picks.We-Vibe review

They come in these varieties:

But which one is the best we-vibe for solo play?
Well, here are my 2 personal recommendations!

1. We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe review

Check the price!


G-Spot stimulation, with consistent clit stimulation on top?
Yes, please.

The We-Vibe nova is a combination of a G-Spot vibrator,
and a rabbit vibrator. The “arm” on top is flexible
and will stay put on your clit when you thrust the toy.

The awesome dual stimulation is powered by 2 whisper quiet motors.
I expected something that feels this good to make a little more noise!
But no, I have so far not been busted during a late night session.

The We-Vibe is 100% waterproof. I strongly recommend you
take a nice long 
bath with this toy! And I mean long, this toy will last
2 hours on a single 

By itself, it has 10 vibration modes with
adjustable intensity levels. But when you
install the app, you get much more functionality.

With the app, you can do everything the toy itself
does, and more! You can create your own vibration modes,
Your own “playlist” of modes, and connect to your lover.
The app is amazing!

This is the best We-Vibe solo toy in my opinion!
And it was actually featured on my “6 Best G-Spot Vibrators” list.
That’s it for my We-Vibe Nova review, on to the next toy!

Check out the Nova right here.

2. We-Vibe Touch

We-Vibe review

Check the price!

Here’s the deal:

This toy is a simple, but excellent, vibrator.
It’s consistent, and does exactly what it’s supposed to!

The We-Vibe Touch is a clitoral vibrator.
Not only does it stimulate the clitoris directly,
but also 
around it!

The little scoop you see has a flexible tip.
You can use that on just your clitoris, or
you can use the entire scoop! (I highly recommend that)

This toy is also completely waterproof. And will hold a charge
for over an hour! Combine that with its compact size, and you
have a great little travel vibrator!

There is just one button on this toy, the one
use to switch between the 8 vibration modes.
The We-Vibe app will not work with this toy.

The deep rumbling vibrations will give you an orgasm
you won’t forget anytime soon. Just goes to show
that simple products can outperform fancy ones!

Soft silicone, compact design, and a guaranteed orgasm?
What more is there to say!

Check out the We-Vibe Touch right here. 

Couples toys: Sex and vibration? Sign me up!

Like the solo toys, these come in different varieties.
They can both be used for solo play, long distance play,
or during sex.best we-vibe

they come in these varieties:

The couples toys are pretty similar, so I have
only picked one toy to go into detail with.

This is, in my opinion, the best
We-Vibe toy from the couples category.

1. We-Vibe Sync
best we-vibe

Check the price!


This is the most exciting toy out of them all.
The We-Vibe Sync is a G-Spot/Clitoral vibrator made for couples.
And let me tell you, this toy has a lot of functions.

Not only can the We-Vibe Sync be used for both solo and long distance play.
It can be used during sex! Yes, during.

It lasts around 90 minutes on a single charge, not bad!
On top of that, it’s completely waterproof and is, of course,
compatible with the We-Vibe App.

How do I control it during sex?

very simple actually!

As I mentioned above, it fits snugly in place.We-Vibe review
During sex, it will stay put, and even give your
partner some vibration too!

And don’t worry, you don’t need to use the app during sex.
Thankfully We-Vibe has created their own little remote.

The We-Vibe Sync comes with a small remote.
You can use this to switch between the many
vibration modes/intensity settings.

So many special features!

This toy has a few features that the
other We-Vibe models do not have.
Let’s take a look at them!

Beat Mode

The beat mode feature is a new feature,
that is exclusive to the We-Vibe Sync.

The beat mode feature makes your vibrator
move to the beat of a song you have picked.
You can literally have an orgasm from a song!

Just pick a song from your phone library and get started!
I usually go with something bass heavy.

If you want it a bit louder, you can use your home speakers.
The We-Vibe app will use your phone mic to match the vibrations
to that.

Touch Mode

Touch mode is also exclusive to the Sync.
You can find it inside the app.

Touch mode lets you control both the internal and
external vibrations, with your fingers!

You can swipe with one finger to control the clitoral
vibrator, and 2 fingers to control both! You still have
full control over the intensity in this mode.

Final words on the We-Vibe Sync

This is probably one of the best couples vibrators
I have ever had the pleasure of using.

As I mentioned, all the couples vibrators they
make are pretty similar. But trust me, get this one.
It costs a few extra dollars, but they are well worth it.

This is a seriously great bang for your buck.
The amount of features you get is mindblowing!

You can check out the We-Vibe Sync Right here.

Wrap up/Final words

That was my We-Vibe review/Guide to finding the best
We-Vibe. I hope it helped you out!

All the products mentioned are great in their own way,
so it was really hard to pick out my favorites! We-Vibe makes
some great products, and I’m excited to see what they’ll make next.

Links to my favorites:

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